The Main Benefits of After School Care

The current version of ‘Life’ we live, calls for parents and guardians do more with themselves, have greater responsibilities and be under increased pressure from many different fronts. This can be daunting. But, it is also why many people genuinely require a safe place for their kids to go before and after school.

However, have you ever thought about the ongoing benefits of a good quality OSHC centre on a child’s social and cognitive development? Finding the right centre can make a huge difference to your child’s life, and subsequently, your own.

Here, you can read about the main benefits of after school care.

Social Cohesion

Schools are like mini societies, broken down into smaller sub-groups based on age. And, at school kids spend most of their days interacting with others from a single age group. This is due to the nature of segregation employed in the traditional schooling ‘society’. However, at BSC and ASC, children are encouraged to collaborate, associate and play with children from other age groups. Also, at centres that are outside of a dedicated school, children from a variety of schools attend the same service.

As such, children learn to develop relationships with people above and below their age, and from different ‘societies’ altogether. This development of social interaction can lead to young humans who are able to interact with others better and are also able to understand and relate to them more empathetically as well.

Empowered Expression

At a good OSHC centre, children will be encouraged to try all kinds of endeavours, be they dedicated programme activities or social, unstructured free-play. Often, children will be urged to attempt things they may not have the opportunity to do at school, or to try them in ways they may not be taught at school. For example, being given the freedom to make a mess with paint, to create their own worlds out of Lego ™ without restrictions or to invent collaborative games with personalised rules may not be allowed in a structured school environment. But in OSHC, kids are often given the will of choice, but in a safe, supervised location.

Also, for children with learning or behaviour difficulties who don’t always align with strictly defined boundaries, being able to choose, create and try without risk of upsetting the status quo can greatly benefit their sense of self, success and independence.

Through these kinds of activities, in a controlled, yet free environment, kids may often find out more about themselves and the goals they are able to achieve, which can result in more grounded, galvanised children.

Academic Endurance

All parents want their kids to be successful no matter their calling. However, finding the time and required skillsets to have all the answers and provide all the support kids need can be difficult. Fortunately, valuable OSHC programs will help reduce this burden and increase the likelihood of kids both progressing and taking more from their education.

Many OSHC centres provide homework support, designed to help kids understand and complete their post-school exercises. This ensures that the work is done before going home, leading to a productive start to the evening. Then, the time spent with parents and children can be more family-oriented, without having to focus on the stress of chores. Additionally, it can allow parents to assist kids with genuine areas of need, instead of having to cram in a lot of different homework exercises quickly in one hit.

The results of this can be that children develop a sense of accomplishment by successfully completing their school tasks, and are able to enjoy their home time more. This feeling of success has been show to foster more confident kids, who are able to be more productive and stay in school longer than those who don’t receive the same support.

Workforce Productivity

It’s no secret that success often comes down to focus and dedication. Though, children who are unable to develop the cognition necessary to stick with difficult tasks, or the confident independence to follow their calling, may find it difficult to find the enthusiasm required to be productive all the time. Plus, it can also be difficult for parents or guardians to maintain their productivity at work, if they are concerned with their child’s care, well-being or development.

Therefore, a good OSHC service can contribute to industry in multiple ways. It can assist children to find the activities they like to do in the way they like to do them, in an environment where it is safe and secure. And, it can also help develop those abilities alongside the specific educational outcomes of a school that are provided through homework. These outcomes often help enhance a child’s sense of empowerment and capability, leading them to better outcomes at school and more opportunity in the workforce. Furthermore, a good service can ensure parents feel more confident with their child’s situation and are able to focus on their own success without the potential weight of child well-being lingering overhead.

The benefits of a good OSHC centre can really impact the lives of children and families. And, when time is taken to consider the genuine advantages a quality centre can bring, parents will be able to choose OSHC services that match their expectations, and can measure whether or not the place they attend actually meets them. Or, they may be able to offer genuine feedback about elements of a centre that are not be adequate, which can lead to collaborative quality improvement. So, understanding what a good centre can bring is an important consideration when choosing who will care for kids, and these outcomes can significantly shape a child’s overall cognitive development and enhance a parent’s personal sense of capability.


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